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.0.0.2017.06-0ubuntu1~gpu16.04.1 it is the ppa one that's a package name? ok, good EriC^^: That's fine. I was just wondering if I should be worried about possible GPU driver issues... did you try the unity-tweak-tool? it has unity greeter tweak i've had that kind of issue sometimes with nvidia stuff, i had to restart a few times EriC^^: Unity Greeter? the unity greeter EriC^^: Do you mean the login screen or the launcher itself? i think it's the login screen EriC^^: No, I have not tried that. It seems like it should be more important to help with the launcher issue... But I will try now... there's a button "unity greeter tweak" that might help, it's in universe EriC^^: So you say that the user is able to enter his password and he is then shown the login screen? yeah as long as you get to the login screen, i dunno EriC^^: What if I get to the login screen but I cannot enter my password? what do you mean? EriC^^: I see "Try ubuntu" and I have a black screen and only a mouse cursor. check ~/.xsession-errors if it says anything useful about why it's not logging in try a tty and login from there EriC^^: I will try in a moment. Thanks for your time. no problem EriC^^: Do you have any idea what could be the




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Netop Vision Pro Full Crack 15 [Latest] 2022
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