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Bali is emerging as a technology hub in the Middle East. This has led to an elliptical growth in digital marketing agencies in Bali.

Basis industry estimates from Clutch, INDONESIA has over 853+ pure-play digital marketing agencies if we ignore mainline and public relations firms that also provide digital marketing services.

Bali has also seen a string of digital marketing agencies been acquired in the last few years. Hug Digital, Clear Tag, and Flip Media are some of the independent agencies which have been acquired by agency networks.

So that brings us to the question if you had to pick digital marketing agencies in Bali, INDONESIA, for your next project, how should you go about the shortlisting process. We have identified the list of best digital marketing agencies in Bali based on digital expertise and clients managed.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Bali

1. JAIM Agency

JAIM Agency Media is a leading digital marketing agency based in Bali. The agency provides social media management, public relations, website development, SEO, and video development services in Bali.

2. Digital Hungry

Digital Hungry is a digital marketing agency established in 2005. The agency provides a full range of digital marketing services, including web design & development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click advertising, etc. Digital Nexa won the Mena Search Award for 2017.

3. Segara Cloud

Segara Cloud is a branded content and digital agency based in the INDONESIA. The agency was established in 2007 and works with clients from 30 different industries.

4. HOW Bali

Founded in 2006, HOW Bali is a Bali based digital marketing & lead generation company. The agency currently provides website design and development, search engine optimization, and pay per click, content generation, online communications, and social media services.

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