Gut detox Vs Liver detox

We have always wanted to support our liver when we 'detox'. It works overtime filtering potential toxins partly into a water soluble form so they can be excreted via kidneys.

BUT our gut is sometimes overlooked as the wonderful detoxifier that it is. There are so many constant immune modulating activities going on that support detoxification and a healthy gut supported by REAL Kombucha is a plus!

Our Kombucha is rich in healthy Saccharomyces, a wild yeast strain, and acetic acid.

A healthy diverse gut microbiome supports nutrient assimilation and, as such, your ability to detox all sorts of nasties; coping better in an often health challenging environment and supporting energy production.

A daily dose of our REAL kombucha can help balance things out.

Trust your Gut, love your Bod

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