Trust your gut, love your bod.

Our Story

From the moment of our existence our body becomes the vessel through which we experience life. Bodies hold the keys to the kingdom. They allow us to love and be loved, laugh and make laugh, see the world, change the world … start the cycle anew. 


Just like fingerprints and DNA, our bodies are uniquely our own. No two bodies are the same, but there are some things that every body needs to thrive: nourishment, love and appreciation.


When it comes to health, we start at the gut – our body’s second brain – and we trust it to support our bodies to fuel our happiness, health and wellness.  


That’s why we created bod: a range probiotic health drinks to nourish, love and add value to the body for peak performance and the highest level of vitality. Because when you feel alive, you can create what you love and love what you create.

bod is made for bods everywhere: by real people, who use real ingredients. Our products are made in small batches using seasonal ingredients. They come in a range of flavours, contain active good bacteria, taste great and are made with one single intention: to help you and your gut live happily-ever-after. 


If you don’t wake up and start your day with a smile, a wahoo, or a good old-fashioned laugh, then your body might need a little TLC, and a bottle of bod. 


So, go with what feels right.

Trust your gut to love your bod.