The Facts

Probiotic Drinks


Why are we mad for Bacillus subtilis R0179?

We add Bacillus subtilis R0179 into the living sodas & H2O only. While nearly all probiotics require refrigeration, many do not survive being suspended in any form of liquid for more than a few months, let alone the process of digestion.You get the 1 billion colony forming units (cfu's) at the time of bottling and they are still there one year later. Yes! They are in for the long haul.


The Benefits

Bacillus subtilis R0179 is also completely invisible AND tasteless in an aqueous environment. It's why we don't need to colour or flavour our mineral water to mask it. B. subtilis in stealth mode, like one billion microscopic gladiators going to battle in your gut every day.


How do we sweeten
our Probiotic Sodas?

Given that the entire world now knows that sugar is the enemy...there is still so much in the way of sweeteners that are available on the market..and it is hard to know what is ok and what isn't. Nicole DiPietro-Case, one of the Bod partners, is a practicing naturopath and she gives our choice of sweetener Xylitol the big tick. We use this to sweeten our Probiotic Soda range.



We love Xylitol because there are no nasty after tastes that Stevia & Monk fruit can give. Xylitol is made from the bark of the Birch tree. Ours is non GMO and sourced from Sweden. As a sweetener, xylitol is an excellent choice. Whereas some sweeteners may cause health risks, studies show that xylitol has actual health benefits. It doesn't spike blood sugar or insulin, it starves the plaque-producing bacteria in your mouth and feeds friendly microbes in your digestive system as a prebiotic. Xylitol has a GI of 7


What is a prebiotic? 

Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fibre that acts as a fertiliser for the good bacteria in your gut. Xylitol is a prebiotic, that's cool hey?


What is a probiotic? 

Probiotics are live microorganisms intended to provide health benefits when consumed, generally by improving or restoring the gut flora. We had added an armoured probiotic Bacillus subtilis R0179 to our Living Soda range and our sparkling mineral H2O.